General Terms And Conditions

Terms of use

  • Remember to activate your book before presenting the voucher at the Restaurant/Brand.
  • Only one bill per table will be allowed.
  • A maximum of 2 BOGO vouchers can be redeemed per group/table/family unless where specified on the front of the voucher, in which case terms on the front will be adhered to.
  • The least expensive main course(s) or main menu item(s) will be deducted. If two main courses are not ordered, the least expensive item ordered as a main course will be deducted
  • Please present your voucher(s) prior to ordering/ paying for tickets or using the service. Vouchers are not valid for delivery, unless specified.
  • The BOGO offers are exclusive and are not valid in conjunction with any other discount offers, promotions, special menu items, dining or loyalty programs.
  • Deals are subject to change without prior notice, with the mutual consent of Bogo & the partner Restaurant/Brand.
  • It is prohibited to sit on separate tables to avail more than two vouchers or ask for separate bills.

General Terms

  • Relationship between customer and Bogo is on the basis of brokerage (Samsara) in which Bogo refers customer towards outlets/brands with free vouchers. The amount that will be charged from customers is the brokerage fee against this referral.
  • Subject matters of that Brokerage fees are those five vouchers that customers will use them in the beginning. Rests of the vouchers are given to customer complimentary.
  • Offers can be used anytime excluding the following days and any other public holidays as announced by governments (subject to the discretion of the restaurant), Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, etc.
  • Please note, a limited number of outlets may be closed during summer, Ramadan, and other selected religious holidays. BOGO cannot be held responsible if an outlet is temporarily or permanently closed during the voucher validity period.
  • Offers are not transferable and are void if purchased, sold or bartered for cash.